May 9, 2011

Golden Palm Tree, Sepang Gold Coast

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2 weeks ago I've went to Gold Coast for my company team building. Can't go to the real Gold Coast, so have it locally lor. :P

This is my 1st time driving my Insight out from the city although it's not a very far journey but the driving is pleasant with it.

A total of 10 cars were used to transport 4x of my colleagues from all over Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak.

Had a short safety briefing be we start our journey.

Can spot my ride? :P

It only took 1 hours to reach to the resort from Shah Alam.

Received a complimentary drink and it taste like water that used to wash ginger. I think everything there also taste & smell like ginger even there's soap & shampoo.

This is the 1st time I stay in a chalet on top of the sea. The water there not really clean de, don't dare to go to have a swim.

Why it's called Golden Palm Tree?

The chalets are basically built on the sea with the shape of a palm tree.

The concept of this resort is quite similar to Cherating Club Med. The friendly staffs, performances, assorted foods all you can eat till you die & all you can drink alcohol till you drunk and thrown to the sea. lol!

We need to travel to our chalets with buggy because it's freaking far!!!!!!

We have our 1st activity of the team building - Presentation!!!!

After the dry 1st session of presentation, of course makan time lor!

Various foods you choose from and super a lot type of desserts.

After the wonderFULL lunch we head to our respective room.

I will be sharing with 3 other colleagues in one chalet. The chalet is superb nice and it has 2 bed rooms, 2 wash rooms & 1 big shower tab that can fit 2 person......... er......... we are not taking bath together.

The living room that feel like I'm in Bali.

Check out my KING size bed! It's has this something like mosquito net and awesome sea view.

er..... -.-" who is sleeping with me on this bed? #bromance lol!

After settled down we go out for activities.

to be continue....................... for time being do follow me on twitter @tallboyz


Kian Fai said...

LOL BROMANCE! swt . . .

Anonymous said...

U wan to join? Heheheh!

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