May 12, 2011

Penang Here I Come!

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This weekend I'm gonna visit the island of "Foods Heaven", the Penang Island.

Photo credit to Mio Cade

The last visit was 2 years back, quite missed the foods there. So here I'm gonna strike to Penang to gain abit weight. Heheheh!

I need your guys help to tell me what & where I shouldn't miss for foods and places to visit.

Em goi sai, thank you, terima kasih, seh seh ni, arigato gozaimas.

Do follow me on twitter @tallboyz will 4sq-ing around in Penang. :)


theeggyolks said...

we went there few weeks ago >_< *gained quite a few Kg =_="

TZ said...

Oops too late to let you know now... i bet you are coming back to KL... :p

I'm leaving Penang this morning for three days two nite.

Anonymous said...

theeggyolks - Too bad I'm hard to gain weight

TZ - Yeah man! I just got back, thanks to the down of Blogger. Awesome man! Remember eat more. Hahahhah!