May 26, 2011

Sepang Gold Coast With SIAOGANG

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Last month after my company team building at Golden Palm Tree, Gold Coast Sepang, the next day I've actually went to Gold Coast again with SIAOGANG.

It was a day trip cam-ho and cari makan.

The 1st stop was at Love Bridge at Gold Coast. Love bridge? I can only smell death fish and salted sea water. Does that LOVE should smelt? lol!

The whether there was superb that day, super blue sky accompany with a lot clouds.

We took a lot photos there and it's like gonna take century for us to reach to the end of the bridge. Hahaha!

Who say need a cam-ho lens aka wide angle lens to take group picture? All you need a long hand. I think can fit more 30 person in this frame. lol!

After the bridge we move to the beach, found a lot dead fish and garbages there.

Check out my poser look! It's Cotton on + Padini + FUGLY ME. Hahahahah!

Woots! My princess! She's pwetty weh!

After that we all move on to makan. Wanted to try the femes "Pau" aka Chinese Bun.

It's located at Lorong 4, very easy to spot as it's super crowded with ppl on a queue just to buy the Pau.

The shop name is Hai Yew Heng.

They got 6 flavours of paus which are Sang Yuk, Mui Choy, Red Bean, Kaya, Vege and Peanut if I'm not wrong.

Rames went in to order and he was in there quite long, wonder how he order? Pointing? or he really can speak chinese? lol!

The famous one is Sang Yuk.

The Pau actually normal only, feel a bit overrated.

After the Pau session, we head to Bagan Lalang. Which are very near to the Golden Palm Tree where I stayed.

We went to the beach, soaked abit our feet and of course take picha.

Can you spot which feet is who? No need guess which one is Rames.

The SIAOGANG in LOVE and SIAO. lol!

Superb view of the sun settling down.

We went for seafood dinner at Baywatch Seafood Restaurant. Guess what? Seafoods restaurant don't have crab, don't have mantis prawn, don't have lala. WTF!

They said finish jor wor. -.-" Disappointed  :(

This is what we had before we head back to KayL.

Sepang is a great place to have a getaway day trip, the nearest beach to the big city. Had a great day with them, the laugher and HEHAHUHA was priceless. Happy to have such a great gang. SIAOGANG MAN SUI!!!!!!!!!!!


Kian Fai said...

Fuiyoh Leng Zhai Leng Luis in this post :P

And thanks for sharing!

About Paus! And the crab sold out fast! hahaha I think better to be there early time, to have crab feast!

I think overall not bad right, OO Jian also tempting for me hehehe

theeggyolks said...

wah! the o jian got so many "o" one! i want i want! >_<

Anonymous said...

Kian Fai - Hahahah! Got meh? Whale? mana boleh makan? lol!

theeggyolks - U no need egg liao, all u need is oh. Hahhaah!

Hilda Milda™ said...

Nice beach, great food! (: