May 11, 2011

Team Building on Beach

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Back to my company Team Building at Golden Palm Tree Resort.

We actually went to the beach for some beach games that we will be formed in few groups and compete each others.

There are coconut hockey that need us to walk a coconut with a hockey stick to a point and return.

There are also blind folded soccer, a person get blind folded and the partner guide him/her to score.

It's just like a GPS navigation. Turn left, turn right, another 45 years you will reach to your destination. WTF!

This game made us wet er......... I meant clothes and hair. We need to fill up empty bottles with cup which poked with alot holes and must place it on our head.

This game is damn exhausted. The bending and running tells me I'm old or lack of exercise.

There were few several games such as hula hoop and big foot soccer.

After the games, we all gathered and take group picha.

See! I purposely wore sharp colour clothes to be spotted easily. Hahahah! I'm an attention seeker. :P

Out of my surprise, my team has actually WON! We were doing very bad actually and lack of a team member.

Probably some miscalculation of the points..... don't care lar, grab the prize 1st. XD

After the tiring sweat hydration we all head to the resort's restaurant chilling and enjoy alot glass of drinks.

Need sugar and liquid to replenish the missing water in our body.

Spotted a cute ambulance. Have you ever seen one of this?

Time past very fast, it's already sunset but Mr. Sun was so shy and hide behind the clouds.

What to do after sunset? Of course dinner lar! Hahhah!

Had a beach BBQ dinner. A lot foods were served.

We met Dhalsim from Street Fighter, he blow and eat fire. lol! Great performance during our dinner session.

After the dinner we all go back to our room for shower, next are free and easy.

Chilling out drinking with colleagues from others branches.

Brought my camera out along and have a long shutter shot of the sky.

More photos coming next


TZ said...

I have been there before but never pull over night. Is the place nice for a beach weekend getaway?

Anonymous said...

TZ - The stay is superb but very expensive. Rather to be in Bali.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joshua,

Would you mind share with me, who is the organiser for your team building event at gold coast sepang?


David said...

These games are pleasured on the beach to a certain extent than the water for extra amusing. You can as an alternative go for the customary beach game for instance volleyball, Frisbee and the most appealing coconut bowling.

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