Sep 24, 2011

Lomofied Your iPhone 4

Posted by Anonymous |

I've just got a new clothes for my iPhone.

It is a lubitel lomo camera case.

Wanted badly to have a lomo design case for my phone when I was got addicted with Instagram.

There are a lot camera design iPhone cases in the market but then most of it are thick. The new case I got is quite slim, I love the front part where the side corner are not over covered.

The case come with a sticker covering lense to make it look more perfect.

What do you think of my new iPhone case?


Xjion89 said...

hahaha, loving the iphone and the case~~~my frenz got 1 cassette tape oso very cute~

Anonymous said...

Xjion89 - I got the cassette one but very rubberize and feel so uncomfortable.