Sep 1, 2011

Taiwan Day 3 - The One

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Continue back to my Taiwan trip, hahahah! Sound like never end. XD

After the visit at Shifen, Sky Lantern & Planking on train's railway we head back to Taipei and have our dinner nearby our Homestay.

Walked around to find a place for dinner, to be surprised that the restaurants there closed very early. Only can find foods at night market and no night market are around the area.

We loitering around for about half an hour then we ended up at a buffet Shabu Shabu restaurant called "The One"

The foods there are................ not nice to be honest. It costs NT380 per pax if I'm not mistaken

The soup there are not that nice as compare to Malaysia's Shabu Shabu. The meat and vegetable there not really that fresh.

It's us! Everyone have a bowl of soup and cooks theirs own foods.

After that we went out for a walk before called it's a day, then we saw a lot people sitting on a small chair plays arcade games to win some soft toys but earning tickets. Not only 1 stall opened, there are few stalls operating on the roadside.

Adult DVDs are also sold there. 5 for NT100 only Hahahah!

While we on our way back to homestay, saw an unique baker's house. They have a lot cute and adorable cakes.

Remember what cartoon is this?

That's all our 3rd day in Taiwan, the next day we all went to Taichung, a city located in west-central of Taiwan.


Phoebe Tay said...

I think Penang DVD is cheaper hahahaa.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Adult DVD for sell haha.

Anonymous said...

Phoebe Tay - No lar! There cheaper NT100 = RM10+ only

Tian Chad - Yeah! U wan? :P

Anonymous said...

hahaha. the quality good ah?

Phoebe Tay said...

hahaha. the quality good ah?

ahlost said...

Waaaaaaaah.. your new template so cute wei !!!

as cute as the pigpig-G :D

Anonymous said...

Phoebe - er.... not sure wor, didn't buy ler. lol!

ahlost - em goi for praising me *blushed*

Kian Fai said...

wah DVD is dam eye catchy in my mind now! thanks to you lol

the cake is slightly costy hehe a palm size cake?

Is that steamboat on first few photo? or shabu shabu lol

Anonymous said...

Kian Fai - Yes the cake is abit expensive but then it's unique lor!

It's actually Shabu Shabu :)