Sep 27, 2011

Taiwan Day 4 - Sun Moon Lake

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Didn't realised I've missed my Taiwan blogpost for 3 weeks. From my previos blogpost, we have visited Sun Moon Lake after Ching Jim Farm which took about an hour plus drive.

We need to buy tickets for boat ride to tour the lake. Each ticket cost NT300 about RM32.

The time we was there were raining, so we didn't stay there quite long. Just walk walk around and take little some photos.

The view from the other side of the lake.

There another stop to go uphill with gandola but we skipped it due to bad weather.

The tour guide told us a story about a history of "Grandmother Chicken Eggs"

1 egg she sold is only NT10 and she can earn NT100,00 every month. *rub eye* WTF! I also want to sell chicken egg weh!

What so special about the chicken egg?

er....... nothing special, taste like normal herba egg.

Before we head back to shore, we took a group photo at the Jetty.

The camera were setup on tripod with umbrella. Don't play play weh, the setup ain't easy weh. :P

After that we head back to Taichung's biggest night market where we all stay a night before heading back to Taipei.

Oh ya! I planked at the night market there. Heheheh!


Filip Demuinck said...

Don't you hate it when it always rains.


Sarah said...

I love the herbal eggs...bought 1 when i went up the pagoda. Realized it is yummy then bought another 3 coming down....

shii teck said...

nice taiwan trip!! please highlight those interesting place and food, Taiwan will be my next vacation venue!!XD

SiMon Har said...

u were planking so near to that pile of water on the floor!

Anonymous said...

Filip - Yeah!

Sarah - Hahah! Don't eat so many eggs lar!

shii teck - Cool!

Simon - Yeah! It was after rain :P