Sep 6, 2011

Taiwan Day 4 - Ching Jing Farm, Taichung

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My 4th day in Taiwan, the next day we head to Taichung. Another big city of Taiwan and stayed there 1 night. Rent a MPV and visited few places before we check-in to others homestay near Fengjia Night Market.

Our first destination was Ching Jing Farm, it's at uphill. It's like in Cameron/Genting Highland, cold and we all thought summer should be a bit warm. We are wrong, it was freaking cold and raining some more.

Was thought of cancelled the visit at Ching Jing Farm due to rains and all of us only wore short except Mich. But in the end we still continue the visit since we already reached.

It not really that heavy rain, we walked to shelter and saw some stalls selling fruits and "HOT SOUP"

An aunty offers us some soups and the soup....... I tell you, it's taste better than shark fins soup *that time only lar*. Each sip of the soup made us feel warmer.

In the end, the girls bought the soup ingredients from the aunty and spent around NT3000 for it. OMG! It's really a booby trap!

The peaches look yummy and it's very expensive, 1 peach is around NT100. Bought 1 and we all share, just wanted to have some taste. It's very sweet!

Before we head to the farm we took a group picha. Invented this "See teeth can't see eye pose"

Hahahaha! We all look silly!

Oh ya! I didn't mention this, Ching Jing Farm is famous for its lush agricultural plains and mountains landscape.

It's very slippery especially after rain.

There are few a lot sheep set free running around in the farm and we all can get close to it to touch and take picha. I don't dare to count how many are there I afraid I may felt asleep. Hahahah! Lame joke :P

Seriously! All the sheep there have meaningless life, I can only see them eat and shit then eat again then shit again. Hardly see them stop eating. I'll die if I'm a sheep.

All the sheep there are not friend and they are very materialistic. Why??? We all have to chase them to take picha, running around here and there and we did also sweat in such weather o.O"

tired chasing them, we take picha of ourself.

After that we bought some foods for them, all run to us -.-" ain't that materialistic?

Do you know why Taiwan are so famous with bubble pearl tea?

Theirs country are rich with it, you see it's everywhere! lol!

Sheep may also get diarrhea although just eating grasses. If you hate vegetable, just tell your mum you may also get diarrhea eating vegetable. Muakakakak!

After the chasing and calories burning! It's makan time!

Outside the farm got few food stalls. Spotted this Babi Hutan meat!

Can see the babi in the photo? I mean the signage there! :P Mich don't marah ya!

It's super nice I tell you! I'm not sure it's because we are hungry or the weather turn every hot foods to very nice!

This one is tofu wrap dun know what already. Taste ok lar!

Here also got big sausage wrap small sausage! Damn nice! Hahaahha!

Check out a video I made on our visit there, the cold weather is orsom!

Next we went to Sun Moon Lake! Stay tune!

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cutebun said...

very nice!!! I wanna go~~~

Anonymous said...

cutebun - Aim for AA cheap flight lor! Heheh!

wawaKyoko oneal said...

waaa nice view and all of u guyss look soo happy lol

Anonymous said...

WawaKyoko - Holiday must happy ma! Thanks! :)

eleora said...

hi hi! i am interested to go there as well. how did you go from fengjia market to the farm?