Oct 19, 2007

Paradise of Liquors & Chocolates, Langkawi (Day 2)

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Alarm triggered for an hour plus, all ignore by our comfy pillow and warmth blanket. Haha!
When I woke up it was already 7am plus. Without hesitation, I grasp my camera head to the beach.

Good morning Langkawi!
After we get our self prepared we went out for breakfast. So went to Breakfast Bar across the street for breakfast.

Next destination is reaching to the highest peak of Langkawi. While on our way there, we did pass by an area a lot boats parked so we stop by and took some photos.

We queued for cable car ride.

Q lar! Not pose!!

Hanging bridge or something! Haha! Dun know wat its call but very nice!
Once reached there! We Jump!

Thanks to Darren for the jump shoot of me and Joyce.

The weather wasn’t that good, it was started to rain when we reached the top of the hill.

After that we head back to the resort. We get our self comfy walked to the beach drink some beers.

Then we went for lunch at Orked Ria.

The foods there damn nice I tell you.

After recharged, we went to Pantai Tanjung Rhu.

In beginning we thought of swimming but the weather doesn’t allow and no more mood after a long ride to the destination.

Since we already reach here, we must do something. So we started to Pose! and Jump!

Dinner at Orked Ria as the foods there are not bad. Ryan also met new fren there. He's from Bangladesh. Ryan hor?

That all for day 2.

Stay tune for our last day 3. The last day of the trip.


paulyn said...

hi josh, nice trip to langkawi huh. am seriously trilled with all the jumps of u guys, hahaha... great jumps and great models. love the 'cheer' so much.

paulyn said...

typo error - "thrilled" should it be ;)

Anonymous said...

Paulyn - Thanks! =)

Darren Khor said...

Keep up with your good work dude..looking forward for a next trip ya!!

Anonymous said...

Darren - I'm also can't wait for another SIAO trip! =)