Oct 18, 2007

Paradise of Liquors & Chocolate, Langkawi

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Last Friday Ryan organized a 3 days 2 nite Siao trip to Pulau Langkawi. The journey starts at Friday mid night / Saturday early morning about 1am. We meet at Tmn Connaught’s McD and depart from there. We got 7 members took part on this Siao trip which is Ryan, Yen, Joyce, Douglas, Bert, Darren and me of course. 2 cars have been used for this trip, Ryan’s Gen2 and my Myvi.
Then Sean and his fiancé joined us for the journey since them also going to Langkawi for holiday.

OMG! I drove 452.3km!

We reached at Jetty Kuala Kedah about 6.30am and parked our car, RM15 per day man! Damn expensive. After that I queued up to buy ferry tickets.

We camwhore abit while we waiting for the ferry. From left we have Darren & Ryan

From bottom left we got Ryan aka Sup Tin, Douglas, Joyce and the one with sunglasses is Yen

It took about an hour 15 minutes to reach Langkawi. Once reach to the Langkawi Jetty a lot ppl approaching us asking whether we need vehicle.

So we rent a Nissan Skyline Vannette. Dun play play ah! This car really can fly. Won a lot rally races!

After that we went for makan, since all haven't had their breakfast. We ate at Sunrise Restaurant located at Kuah, town of Langkawi.

I ordered Wanton Mee large. I viewed from a lot angles, it doesn't look like large to me and it's more like small. Small is ok but it doesn't taste good. Sigh! Officially blacklisted this shop!

We stay at Mali Best Resort located at Cenang beach. Our chalet to the beach is within walking distance.
We all can’t wait to see the bitches beaches and run toward to the sort with our luggage. The scenery there are awesome.

Then we went for sea bath after settled down our luggage.

I After a tiring swam, we went for dinner at Lucky Restaurant nearby the resort. We all r damn hungry, while us waiting for the foods to be served Bert bought some cheese nan to eat.

Food served, we all eat just like released from prison. Less than 20 minutes kau tim all the foods and mostly all add rice. All dishes very clean, almost wan to lick the plates. Haha!

After dinner we went to Free Tax Zone shop and bought some liquors and chocolates back to our room.

That all for day 1. Stay tune for Day 2! More Siao acts applied!