Oct 12, 2007


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Last Wednesday I bought myself a new home for my SLR, my previous sling bag was torn. I wan to get something that doesn’t look like uncle type camera bag, something trendy. I want something like Crumpler, their’s product are stylish yet nice but the price is out of my question.
I remember there’s a bag maker name Bagman, they also have something like Crumpler. Then I saw this bag, it look exactly like Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home. Then I glance at the tag price, OMG I can buy 4 of it with one Crumpler.
RM 99.00 VS US $105.50.

I like the logo of Bagman.

Try to read the product tag;

I'll bring u out 2nite.

Hehe! Tallboyz is going for outing 2nite. Guess where Tallboyz heading to?

Some hints; It is an Island and that place sell cheap chocolates and liquors. Very obvious liao! Haha!

Selamat Hari Raya to all! Hope you all would have a safe journey to your respective Hometown. Peace!

p/s : Some correction been made! It is 6 million dollar home not brazilian million dollar home.


miCheLle said...

Langkawi!!! Langkawi!!! bingo??? XD

土龍 said...

Nice bag..n don't let down of your bag lo..haha..remember to bring back some nice pictures and share with us..or chocolate I don't mind..hehe..

Anonymous said...

Michelle - Clever girl! 土龍 - Thanks! Liqour chocolate can? =)

土龍 said...

Haha..just kidding..you keep it la..

clive said...

hi ya, may i know where to get this bag ? :D

Anonymous said...

Clive - U can found the bag at Low Yat Plaza, All IT. =)

clive said...

thanks man ~ :)

Anonymous said...

Clive - No problem! Peace!

SV said...

Hi , just wanna ask if this bag's name is called Bagman Initigo ??
Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

SV - I have no idea wor! As i know this bag got 3 sizes and 1 type of colour. =)

SV said...

Oooh ... I c.. thanks for he info mate. :) cheers.