Oct 5, 2007

DIY Softbox

Posted by Anonymous |

As u guys know I just bought a speedlight and I haven’t play around with it till yesterday nite. I made a so called softbox for lighting purpose with the speedlight.

So I brought home a thick brown box from office and bought some mahjong papers.

This how it looks like;
Firstly I cut the box.

I used mahjong paper as diffuser.

Testing, Testing!
This the outcome;

Yellow Banana! Say hi to ur uncle!


Anonymous said...

As u guys know I can't get out the middle. I brought home a five dollar bill and reached for lighting purpose with the crash is very agitated by what kind of a grapefruit and sit on top speed. I made a thick brown box from office and I gave him over. No.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Sorry for my poor english. I dun really get wat u mean. I'm glad if u elobrate more with the setup u said, mayb some photos. =)

yellowbanana said...

OI..! nothing betta to snap ka..? banana also u never let go... -_-"

Anonymous said...

YB - That was leftover, my mum asked me to finished off. It remind of u mah, before eat take photos lor. Haha!