Oct 8, 2007

Eat, Eat, Eat & Eat

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Last Friday I had my lunch with my colleagues at Mee Jawa Restaurant at Aman Suria which nearby to my office. My colleague told me they special in Mee Jawa (shop name also name Mee Jawa)

So I ordered! Wow! Damn bigggggggg ler! “The Plate”

Seriously theirs Mee Jawa are flavorsome.

Secret Recipe & 7 Eleven just few shops away. So I……..

Bought a slide of cake, Chocolate Indulge and…..


As u guys know, one more week going to be our Muslim’s members festive. Hence my company well thought-out a Buka Puasa feasts in the office and I would not miss any chances of makan.

Round 1!

Round 2!
Wah! I ate a lot on that day. Hmmmm but how come I never gain weight? :S
Stay for my next Makan trip. Shabu Shabu. Clean, Delicious yet Cheap.


miCheLle said...

den come Penang eat mee jawa la.... Penang 1 sure nice 1, guarantee ar.... hehe

Anonymous said...

:O Then must try lor, since it origin from Penang. =)