Oct 17, 2007

Sek Yuen Restaurant

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Yesterday I had my dinner with my parent at Sek Yuen Restaurant which located at Jalan Pudu. This restaurant has 60th years of history. My mum told me this restaurant could be the only one in town that still practice using firewood (not charcoal) for cooking.

Actually on 15th was my mum birthday and I was at Langkawi, so I decided to date my mum out for dinner. Although it was just a simple dinner my mum was very happy.

Let talk bout foods;

This is the famous frozen chicken or known as Dong Kai. This dish u need to call to book, a lot ppl order this.

and this is my parent.

For more info bout this restaurant plz click; http://www.rasarasa.net/articlePrint.cfm?id=9736

As u guys know, I just came back from liquors & chocolates paradise Pulau Langkawi with some Siao frens. So stay tune for more photos bout Tallboyz's 3 days 2 nite at Langkawi.