Oct 11, 2007

Shabu Shabu

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Another Makan trip and this time at Puchong. This time we have Shabu Shabu suggested by Kenneth. Qiang Qiang Gun Restaurant Shabu Shabu located next to Giant Puchong.
This is the shop look like from outside

The Gang in action!

OMG! We ate a lot!!! This restaurant quite clean and the foods also not bad. 1 plate only RM1.00.

If u guys wan to dine in, plz do an advanced reservation as it's very pack during weekend.

I should have brought my dSLR, N95 acting bad lately! Bad boy!


miCheLle said...

shabu-shabu...i wanted to makan at there, oledi tok for few months stil hvnt go =P

Anonymous said...

Michelle - Is a must go place to eat! =)