Oct 2, 2007

Sg. Buloh, Notorious yet a Treasure

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Last Sunday I went to Sungai Buloh with a bunch of photographing-kaki. Enigma, Banana and Aaron came all the way from Klang. Then we meet up with Seng Kit and Ms. Camera at Kepong before we head to Sg. Buloh. Ms. Camera owns a lot analogue cool camera like Horga, LCA and more.

There’s an area accommodated with a small community that has leprosy disease and they has been living there for few generations. Mostly they made handcrafts and grew flowers for living.

A lot small houses were built and a big portion now was vacated due to demolition of the area soon and they claimed with the reason of “Development”.
When people would learn to appreciate before they regret after losing it.

Here some photo taken;

Guess who is he? Some hints! He is trying to endorse his own branding “Banana Boat” sunblock


Mei Lin said...

aiyer.. banana.. pls sapu clean clean ur banana boat la.. stil got lots on ur arms.. haah... :p

Anonymous said...

Meilin - This banana afraid cooked by sunlight so put extra gao gao! =)

Mei Lin said...

of coz lor.. if not after some times u guys can have extra snack -- 'goreng pisang'.. waakkakaa..!!! XD

Anonymous said...

Meilin - Ya hor! Never thought of that! Next time will bring oil along!

土龍 said...

Wow..Joshua since last trip to Melacca..your skill have improve a lot wo..great..
Me? twlong(zhan lung) la..

Anonymous said...

Zhanlung - Thank you! Thank you! =)

paulyn said...

hi. Nice blog. and ur friend 'the banana' is very funny. hahaha. u guys really enjoying the youth. good thing :)

Anonymous said...

paulyn - He is a funny person! =) Thanks for droppin by!