Apr 20, 2009

Introducing Tallboyz Questionnaires

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I felt my blog getting boring day by day, less of good quality photos, nothing much of happening events posted and the most apparent was lack of interactive with the reader.

Most of my reader dropped by here might just have a short glance and clicked the red colour cross on top for the reason that it’s not up to theirs’ interest and don’t know what to reply or comments.

In order to create more interactive between the readers, I have come out with Tallboyz Lame Questionnaires.

What is all about Tallboyz Lame Questionnaires?

Have you heard of “Lan Get” / Lame Question?

A "Lan Get" / lame question will be posted followed by my post with the banner shown like below and for those who wan to try to guess they have to replay the answer in the comment box.

Answer will be given out on the next post.

Will be testing out tomorrow for the 1st time.

What do you guys think? Works?


Hemsem Ahmike said...

If you thinked that way, you might be wrong. Even one day no body read your blog, you have me :) Sometimes I lazy to reply on chatbox is such. People come to leave a message instead of reading your blog.

Hon Mun said...

'belum cuba belum tahu'..
Tallboyz Questionnaires! got prize to be win ah? =p lolol I will visit ur blog although not updaing often.. hehehe

crazywrazy said...

Most probably Joshua will give out a Proton Exora for every winning contestant! XD lol

Sis said...

You think your are 'Ho Mah'? heheheh

Anonymous said...

Ahmike - Thank you man! Really touched! =)

Hon Mun - er... dun have wor. Tallboyz very poor de.

crazywrazy - I also wan ler, mana ada? =P

Sis - -.-"