Apr 14, 2009

Tallboyz 2 YO

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Woots! Munster got it right. He do really follow my blog XD

Tallboyz celebrating 2 YO!

Here some very very simple recap thru out April 2008 to present;

Started blogging in April 2007 and last year I had a mini recap where you can refer to HERE!

- Released My First Solo Album.

- Participated in Big Mac Chant contest although I didn't win but I do enjoy. I still can do the chant now!

- Celebrate my B'day at Jogoya.

- KLCC Photoshoot.

- Bought a new toy, Toyota Vios.

- Wedding shooting of my colleague's wedding day, Darren & Winnie.

- Me! Mr. Strong Finger.

- Went to Bangkok with my frens.

- Participate in Samsung Innov8 Run Challenge.

- Had a day trip to Bukit Tinggi.

- Wedding Shooting of Joon Wei & Pui Pui .

- My Ride, My Pride.

- Bought Nokia XpressMusic 5800.

- Tallboyz V2.0 Launched.

- New Year 2009, Siao Potluck.

- Visited Pulau Langkawi with my gf.

- Attended Rames & SmashpOp's Birthday Celebration at Flying Chillies.

- Wedding Shooting of Nelson & Shereena.

- My most Scandalous shot

Thank you so much to my blog readers out there, without you guys my blog won't be active and rolling. Love you all!


JJzai said...

Happy Birthday to ya blog!
We almost the same time start blogging!

Hon Mun said...

Woot! I got it right! lolol

Happy birthday 2 YO,

I'm going to celebrate mine on next month. Cheers!

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Congratulation !!!! :D

My blog birthday is somewhere around this time too :D

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Happy birthday to this blog.. yahooo... awesome wei! Mine is May xD

Anonymous said...

JJzai - Yeah! Thanks man

Hon Mun - Woots!

Miao - Cool!

AhMike - Tat's gonna be very soon oh!

HitoMi^^ said...

whoa...so Cool!! your life so interesting o!!

i also duno when I started my blog edi

Anonymous said...

Hitomi - Look back at ur archive. =) Mine very boring de, last year more happening!

Andrew said...

wwwoooot! it has been a great journey for you indeed!! and for us!! LOL =D keep it up!! =D

Anonymous said...

Andrew - Thanks man! Same to u!