Apr 20, 2009

Proton Exora

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Last Saturday I went to a Proton Showroom to see the All New Proton Exora.

Did took a few photos of the car that day.

This Proton Exora comes with 2 versions which are M Line and H Line. It comes with a single type of engine which is Campro CPS 1.6. It comes with 7 different colours which are Solid White, Blue Haze, Pyrite Brown, Gala Blue, Tranquility Black and Genetic Silver.

Announced price are;
RM 69,548.00 (M Line Solid)
RM 69,998.00 (M Line Metallic)
RM 75,548.00 (H Line Solid)
RM 75,998.00 (H Line Metallic)

Both M Line and H Line come with the safety system of Dual Air Bags with Pre-tensional Seatbelt, ABS with EBD, Immobilizer System and Alarm System with Keyless Remote Entry.

The differences of M Line and H Line are H Line comes with Leather Seats, Front Fog Lamps, Rear Spoiler, Front Armrest, Auto Cruise Control, DVD LCD Monitor with SD/MMC & USB Port and Navigation System/GPS.

Look abit like Viva headlamp tho.

LED taillight

125 horsepower.

Multi indicators of speedometer.

Phone answering, HU volume and mode control button on steering wheel.

Bluetooth, MP3, WMA support HU. Position of gated gear shift like others MPV.

Auto Cruise* only available on H Line.

Individual A/C Vents on 2nd and 3rd rows.

Roof DVD LCD Monitor with SD/MMC and USB support for Multimedia Entertainment* make available only on H Line.

Apologize for the low images quality

Pros – Value for money with it features, intelligent 30 minutes headlight exit, phases keyless remote entry (unlock only Driver’s door for safety reason), individual A/C vents including rear seats, in-built Bluetooth Handfree HU, ergonomic interior with foldable seats.

Cons - Biggest drawback what I can see are very plastic and fragile A/C vents at the back, China made look LCD Monitor and rear drum brake only.

Proton Exora TV advertisment.

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Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Phone answering button on the wheel?

The exora have a build in phone?

Anonymous said...

Miao - Bluetooth! =)