Apr 9, 2009

Thanks to 988 Again!

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I won movie ticket again. Yes! This is the 6 times I won something on air. lolz.

Although it was just some small contest, winning small prize but it make me feel happy and lucky.

My past on air contest;

-Meet The Spartan Movie Passes by 988
-Superheroes Movie Passes by 988
-RM150 Neway Voucher by MyFM
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Movie Passes by MixFM
-Dragon Evolution Movie Passes by 988

As for this time I have won 3 movie passes to watch “The Uninvited”

I’ve participate a SMS contest hold by 988 K6 segment by answering a simple question via SMS. Woots! Like that I won the tickets XD

My super gf love horror movie and I remember there’s a time she was scared off and yelled by watching this movie trailer in the cinema. lolz!

Official Trailer


Calvin Soo KJ said...

cool....my wifey was also pestering me to watch this movie. but i have less balls than my wife....lolz. i'll have to bring my bantal busuk to the movies then. cheers bro.....cool blog. gotto teach me how to use photoshop. especially the one with your nikon d70. cheers :)

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Fuyoh, wanna treat me for the movie?

:: yvonne :: said...

wow!!! always so lucky!!! :)

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Woah Gratz!!!!! ^^

You sure win a lot from Radio stations XD

ViaN said...

How come u so lucky 1??
eh.. recently u are not update ur blog as often as b4. why??? so bz:p

P/S: HEY.. u know TONY???? @_______@lll

Anonymous said...

Calvin - Heheh! Bantal busuk lar? lolz
Add me in MSN!

Tian Chad - Sorry bro, got reserved!

Yvonne - =)

Miao - Yeah! I did and I just had another one =P

Vian - =) Yeah! I support Fujixerox's Fujitsu laptops ma!