Apr 13, 2009

Lucky or wat?

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Any of you heard of OneFM or listened to OneFM?

OneFM is a new Chinese Radio station that received quite a good respond in Klang Valley. For those OneFM radio listeners, do you guys agree that OneFM has the most songs played rather than advertisements?

This morning around 11am after I went back from service I switched on OneFM and overheard a contest of a movie “Make It Happen”. I sent in a SMS to participate and I got myself in. OMG! I got thru AGAIN!!!!! It must be a crazy month for me.

The DJ asked me some questions, actually it’s more like opinions then I got myself 4 tickets to watch this movie “Make It Happen”.

Trailer of the movie.

Any OneFM radio listeners heard my voice? lolz!!!

What with 140409? Find out tomorrow!


:: yvonne :: said...

u're really really really L U C K Y !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yvonne - Heheh! paiseh paiseh!