May 18, 2009

Asam Sting Ray

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Ready for yummilicious?

For dinner we had seafoods near Ayer Itam, but it's a quite disappointed one. Not becoz of the food's taste but the waiting period took like...... ages, but the the foods are fresh maybe becoz we are too hungry liao.

We ordered these.

Dun know what to call this, all I know you have to be a good sucker to eat this. lolz

This one make ppl drool...

Prawns in Penang quite big tho.

It' a must to have in dinner set.

All time favorite.

Next gonna bring you guys for nice breakfast.

OMG! I feel so fat seeing this. Wait! I forgot I won't get fat one wor. XD.


Anonymous said...

so yummy!!!

jen wana join you d.
breakfast ok?? coz jen can eat a lot for breakfast. haha^^

Anonymous said...

looking at the photos make me hungry..:D

clive said...

tak boleh tahan in such dinner timing...

Anonymous said...

Jen - Ok! Breakfast next! Heheh

Cavin - =P

Clive - Hehehe!

Agnes Sim said...

wow...yummy yummy..long time no eat jut jut liao.

Anonymous said...

Agnes - Hehehe! Almost lunch time jor!