May 6, 2009

Perodua MPV D46T

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Finally! Perodua has confirmed the release of the all New Perodua MPV this year November.

Perodua has never disappointed us with theirs new car like the most sellable and value for money car Perodua Myvi.

This car was expected selling below RM65k and it gonna hit the new Proto Exora really bad.

Perodua MPV will be expected to be mounted with 1.5L engine like what Toyota Vios and Toyota Avanza has.

This new Perodua MPV is based on Toyota Passo Sette and has about 80% similarity of it outlook.

Some photos of the new Perodua MPV.

The colour combination of the seat and dashboard are like Vios G spec.

Creamy colour seats.

Armrest are available.

Meter panel are located at the center like Toyota Vios. The steering wheel has new design and with multifunction buttons.

In dash HU player with Bluetooth support. The dialler used are exactly the same like Vios.

The gear knob are located on the dashboard like those luxury MPV with gated gear shift.

What make me so sure this is the car?

Photo below tell it all.

Look at the LCD behind the photo. Akan Tiba November Ini = Coming This November.

The previous Tallboyz Lame Questionnaire

Scissor naturally cut paper, hair and more. Knife do cut meat, vegetable and more. What does flesh naturally cut?

None of you guys got it correct.

The correct answer is, our poo. Why? Let you guys imagine lor! XD

Next question;

2 peoples crossing a bridge, then suddenly the bridge collapsed and 2 of them felt. 1 was death and 1 are injured only. The death person called as death people then the injured person called????

Please reply your answer in my comment box below. BTW no prizes given away, just having some fun and Siao Q&A. Answer will revealed on my next post. Thank you!


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...


NaughtyOne said...

look nicer than the exora..

allen said...

wow! it looks nice! :D i mean the mpv.

Anonymous said...

exora look better than this copycat... very very small.....

Anonymous said...

Tian Chad -Incorrect

NaughtyOne - Yeah!

Allen - Absolutely

Annoymous - But then it's still Toyota design.

Aeric Poon said...

Wah, you went to shoot the photos? So nice lah. My answer for the questionaire is: The injured person call "for help" loh.

aeleg said...

i'm waiting! it look like avanza?

Anonymous said...

Aeric Poon - Yeah! =)

aeleg - It's more alike Grand Livina size. Smaller than avanza.