May 7, 2009

My 1st Gold Card

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Yesterday I had my Maybank CC upgraded to Petronas Gold Card. Woots! My 1st gold credit card XD.

I spent some good money on petrol as I travel alot from KL to PJ everyday. Greater points earned with it, so I can get free petrol. 

Photo shot with my 50mm 1.8f

Unlimited Privileges.

WoOT! My name there. Heheheheh!

Last question was not received much respond, thus the question retained.

2 peoples crossing a bridge, then suddenly the bridge collapsed and 2 of them felt. 1 was death and 1 are injured only. The death person called as death people then the injured person called????

Please reply your answer in my comment box below. BTW no prizes given away, just having some fun and Siao Q&A. Answer will revealed on my next post. Thank you! 


HungWei said...

The injured person called AMBULANCE! XP

vincent said...

call help me!!!1

JC said...

the injured person call for help?

Anonymous said...

nice gold card! =)

err.. alive person? lol

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

The injured person called for Gold Card Josh XD hahaha

Kaya sia..

ViaN said...


Anonymous said...

HungWei - Not tat exact.

Vincent - U got it right!

JC - Woots! Correct!

kenwooi - Wrong!!

Miao - -.-" kaya in debts.

Vian - Clever gal!