May 30, 2009

May Movies

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Watched 4 movies on May.

X Men The Origin : Wolverine

Watched twice, not telling it's the best movie but the 1st was the 1 month early release.. the uncompleted.. the wire hanging around the actor.. the CG.. the ahemmm.

A movie from a comic were expected to be exagerated, I'm not a fans of comic. The rating was so so only.

Rate 7/10

The Sniper

A Hongkie Movie starring the famous scandalous superstar Edison Chen. This is not a porno movie. XD

The movie was suppose to released last year due to Edison's scandalous it has be delayed till now.

The movie has a very boring storyline but then they has alot hensem hunks in the movie. Damn I sound gay like Richie Ren, Xiao Meng and Edison.

My gf kept telling me Xiao Meng very hensem and he got a very nice hairstyle. WTF -.-"

Rate 5/10

Night At The Meseum 2

Ben Stiller, my all time best comedy actor. The movie damn hilarious and this time bigger meseum took place with more crazy things happened.

Worth to watch to lol.

Rate 8.5/10

I Corrupt All Cops / ICAC

This movie is about the past time corruption in Hong Kong. This movie were directed by a well know director in HK, Wong Jin starred with alot big class actor like Eason Chen, Tony Leung, Anthony Wong, Bowie Lam and Wong Jin himself.

The story quite interesting and vulgar words flying all over the time contained Hilarious, Freedom and Love in this movie.

Rate 8.5/10

That all for today! Happy weekend everyone!