May 24, 2009

Mee Sotong Coconut Shake

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After Kek Lok Si we was planned to visit Bukit Bendera but then the train schedule was totally full and out of our plan.

Then we decided to go for makan and head for our next plan.

We lunch nearby Cornwallies Fort. The Tower Clock, representing Penang.

We were suggested by Ryan aka KokahKok to try Mee Sotong and Coconut Shake.

Heard for the owner of this shop, they have an history almost 60 years and it was reported on few newspaper. One day they cooked 200-300 plates of Mee Sotong. Geng!

The Coconut Shake shop was next to it. CO CO NUT ah! CO CO NUT!

My Mee Sotong. Although it look like very spicy, actually it's not. It's very sweet and nice. The gal don't like becoz too oily.

Mee Sotong with Coconut Shake, what a perfect combination.

Damn! I shouldn't have update this. I haven't have my breakfast yet and now freaking hungry. That's all for today.


Hemsem Ahmike said...

Drooling x1000000000000000000times now..

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Never try both dish before~~ ><

Only available in Penang right?

a@ron said...

First time I actually heard about coconut shake!

Anston said...

Nice Mee Goreng Sotong & never heard of Coconut Shake b4, wanna try it next time :)

KOKahKOK said...

erm... cham... i recommeded oily food to the girls...cham cham

LimPek said...

mee sotong best..but one day i will try coconut shake

Anonymous said...

Ahmike - Muakaka

Miao - I saw Malacca also got. I mean the coconut shake.

a@ron - Haha! U must try

Anston - :)

KokahKok - Ignore them. It's good! :P

LimPek - U should! :)