May 11, 2009

Tune Hotels

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The last visit to Penang was end of 2007 with smashpOp, Douglas and AaronWolala. Click HERE! Meeting with some cool bloggers from Penang.

Last 2 weeks was a long holiday for all of us in collaboration of Labour Day, so we have decided to visit Penang.

Booked a very good deal hotel, Tune Hotel located in Penang downtown. Total room expense for each person for 3 days 2 nites only RM25 with 12 hours a/c credit. Freaking cheap right?

Cheap room doesn't mean low quality. Tune Hotels offer 5 stars hotel with 1 star price. Dun believe?

Check this out.

We disembarked from KL at 10am after breakfast of Dim Sum at Sri Petaling and reached there around 4pm, thanks to the congested traffic.
The Tune Hotels with Air Asia design.

This hotel was just started operate on 1st of April 2009. 1 month old!

The check-in system really beh tahan, took me 30 minutes to get the keys. Please upgrade your system can?

Got free internet at the corner. I only realized that there are free internet for 30 minutes usage during I checked-out. I'm totally a dumbass

This is the room.

Individual toilet on each room.

The sing k room.

Tune Hotel, Penang located at a strategic spot as it located ngam ngam center or the town. Ease for us to travel anywhere to some hot POI.

After checked-in we go out for makan.
This post sound like an adverteriol for Tune Hotels. lolz! I'm not, just telling what my impression of this hotel. BTW if Datuk Tony Fernandes read this please hired me for adverteriol XD.

BTW I have not introduce the gang of the trip.

There you go.

Guess where I had my lunch? Be prepare, do not view my next update when u r in hungry.

The previous Tallboyz Lame Questionnaire

2 peoples crossing a bridge, then suddenly the bridge collapsed and 2 of them felt. 1 was death and 1 are injured only. The death person called as death people then the injured person called????

Vincent, JC and Vian got it correct.

The correct answer is, the injured person called for "HELP"

Next question;

During recession 4 good buddies lost theirs' job. So 4 of them decided to start a business providing cab service. The business has been operated for 2 months but they can't even earn a single penny. Why?

Please reply your answer in my comment box below. BTW no prizes given away, just having some fun and Siao Q&A. Answer will revealed on my next post. Thank you!


Hemsem Ahmike said...

great will try out this hotel next time i go Penang

bearbear said...

i just went to Penang last week as well, i stayed at Northam Suite which i think you should try it out. It's the best i've encounter so far in Malaysia with big room, big toilet with jacuzzi and big bed. They charged me Rm218 for a junior suite/night with complementary upgrade to deluxe. price is on the high side but try it out with your gf i'm sure you guys will enjoy it.=)

aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

The four of them can't make a single penny because all of them are in the cab. So how to pick up passengers??? Correct or not??? ...

JC said...

What do you mean by "only RM25 with 12 hours a/c credit"?

So the hotel located betul-betul the central of Penang?

Easy to get transport, food and others ke?

And they only free 30 minutes usage of internet? if wanna use longer how?

LOL. Hope you can answer my question since you are like the "ambassador" of the hotel, without getting any pay.

maRCus said...

waaa... loks so nice... the bed looks so seddappp too!! lol

but heard they say Tune Hotels reli advertise kau kau wan.. every corner, every inch, all can see ads wan.. LOL

CWKen said...

they cant earn anything all of 4 of them were inside the friggin cab!! lol

fazai38 said...

haha... have you visit the GREEN HOUSE hokkien mee located just opposite the tunehotels?.. That's the best Hokkien mee in town...

Anonymous said...

Ah Mike - =)

Bear Bear - Oh! Thanks for the info

aahhh-CHEW - Clever wor!

JC - I only bought 12 hours a/c credit for 3 days 2 nites. Very convinience lor. Foods are around! After 30min request for more from the receptionist!
Ambassodor huh? XD

Marcus - They make big money tho!

CWken - Woots! U got it right man!

fazai38 - Oops! I missed it!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how did you get the hotel at such low price?
I was online booking but the price is RM 100+ per night..
Why? can you email me plz if u can? thx.. (
and lol.. the answer for the questions was.. the shop is on the second floor!