May 20, 2009

Curry Asam Kek Lok Si

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On the next morning, we hunting for nice breakfast in town.

recommend a place near Kek Lok Si that has 2 ah ma/grandma which are sister sitting on a small chair selling nice laksa but then we can't find lor. Sound like a myth. lolz!

Only only found a stall sell curry sotong mee. They cooked using charcoal le.

Everyone got one!

The taste very nice and not that spicy. The sotong simply the best. Hehehe! Sotong fans ma.

Then just across the street there's another femes Laksa according to Aaron, without hesitate we grab the chairs and start order. Hehehe!

While we waiting the laksa to be served, the guys posed.

Woots! My Asam Laksa.

the taste normal only... dissapointed.

After that we go Kek Lok Si. Didn't took much photos there as quite crowded as it's a public holiday.

Q-ing to ride on the cable lift to see Kuan Yin God.

The Kuan Yin statue still in construction, building a shade for Kuan Yin God.

Ended it with a panaroma view from Kek Lok Si Temple.

More to come. Stay tune!

10 comments: said...

i stay near there, but seldom visit kek lok si, just once a year during CNY

Hemsem Ahmike said...

wah sotong mee and asam lasak sedap la.. using chorcal some more. cant find anymore in big city

KOKahKOK said...

oooo ini yang kamu cakap hor? aunty squad n sell mee haha

BooNMiNG said...

hungry liao... =.="

TZ said...

I thot the Assam Laksa @ Kek Lok Si closed down... I went last month ... they didn't open. It was a disappointment :(

ByteSurfer said...

Who is that 3 Da hensem ... They seem familiar ..

Alvin said...

i dun like sotong.. hahaha

anyways, why u fart? :P

aveyap said...

aiks~ where's your chatterbox
I bet your friend will say it keep raining over there if not mistaken. Is low season over phuket now. And how hard to bargain for stuff @.@

Edwin T said...

joshua! u are making me home sick! T.T

But I love the Air Itam laksa so much. will purposely drive to Penang (despite of its annoying traffic)just to eat that whenever I could.


Anonymous said...

same places jen visited few months ago. the laksa, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!