May 14, 2009

Tallboyz Style??

Posted by Joshua |

Just now I was chatting with LimPek on MSN and in the conversation we have talked about my nickname Tallboyz.

He said there are some other blogger used the same nickname.

It's a small world and yet it's not copyrighted thus I went google around searching for Tallboyz. Yeah! I'm damn freaking lame and siao got nothing better to do but I love Google.

Then unexpectedly I landed on to this website. The Other Side Of Me : Inspired by Tallboyz Photography Style...

OMG! I didn't know there are a "Tallboyz's Style"? Multiplying myself has become a trademark for me? Siao can?

Here are my multiplying photos of myself.

Took this at Malacca on November 2007.

more info

At home on January 2009

more info

The latest and the most scandalous photos on April 2009

more info

If you look at the header, it has almost the same header that I have in back 2008.

Hehe! Damn proud can? Tallboyz damn perasan and tak tahu malu! XD

The previous Tallboyz Lame Questionnaire

This question related to the previous question; 4 of the buddies found out they can't earn any money with the cab business and they were so angry thus they decided to drove the cab to uphill and push it to the cliff. 4 of them walked out from the cab and start pushing the cab, no matter how hard they push the car won't go anywhere. Why?

Only Amos got it correct

The correct answer is;

2 were pushing from front and 2 pushing from back. How the car move ler? XD

Next question;

What would have become if I throw a piece of butter from a building?

Please reply your answer in my comment box below. BTW no prizes given away, just having some fun and Siao Q&A. Answer will revealed on my next post. Thank you!


Hemsem Ahmike said...


vialentino said...

wah u do the effect...i like it ler...

bearbear said...

butterfly lo, so easy =p

ruth tan said...

interesting :P do u bball ?

CWKen said...

the answer is quaterstaff + eaglehorn lol mentega terbang or butterfly lar haha

Joshua said...

Ahmike - Mana ada!

Via - Photoshop =)

Bear - This ain't ordinary bear.

ruth tan - Used to play.

CWKen - Hehehe! Correct!

Liang Mui said...


BUTTER - FLY lo.. remember to include the wings for the butter ya.

Ruby said...

It's very interesting. Especially the expressions. Funny. XD