May 12, 2009

Char Kuey Teow

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WARNING!! Visitors who haven't took breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper may harm your stomach and dun flame on me.

After check-in we head to Lorong Selamat for lunch that located within walking distance from Tune Hotel. 

This is the femes CKT stall tat serve with big prawns but then my colleagues told me there are another CKT stall that has better CKT managed by an old aunty.

Look at his goggle, he's like preparing for scuba diving. lolz!

The prawns are super big and fresh but the mee so so only. Damage RM8! Super expensive.

Penang called this as Hokkien Mee but in KL we called it as Prawns Mee/ Har Mee.

Oh Jian. Way better than KL. KL is like eating flours.

Sotong Kangkung, this one is the worst dish. Tasteless!

Not forget cendol ais, good to calm our body temperature.

That's all for today. Next gonna be some sight seeing in Penang.

The previous Tallboyz Lame Questionnaire

During recession 4 good buddies lost theirs' job. So 4 of them decided to start a business providing cab service. The business has been operated for 2 months but they can't even earn a single penny. Why?

Only Aaah-CHEW and CWken got it correct

The correct answer is;

Four of them sat on the same cab how to get customers? XD

Next question;

This question related to the previous question; 4 of the buddies found out they can't earn any money with the cab business and they were so angry thus they decided to drove the cab to uphill and push it to the cliff. 4 of them walked out from the cab and start pushing the cab, no matter how hard they push the car won't go anywhere. Why?

Please reply your answer in my comment box below. BTW no prizes given away, just having some fun and Siao Q&A. Answer will revealed on my next post. Thank you!


Hemsem Ahmike said...

lol nice nice, can I eat the bokeh mee goreng? look nice la

CWKen said...

i think the old aunty wan is the famous wan and nicer hehe according to my fren dat is. Ordered large and it cost RM8.50 =.= prawns bigger sumore haha

btw the 4 idiots tak lepas handbrake of cos kenot push lar LOL

JC said...

RM 8 for CKT? I rather not eat. I don't really like prawn outside also. Mom cook the best!

Answer: Maybe because they din't release the break that's why cannot move?

sarah said...

lupa lepas hand brake...

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy..
but i just ate.. haha.. =D

Amos said...

Nice foods.....yummy yummy!!

Answer: 2 of them push in front & 2 of them push it correct....?

Anonymous said...

Mike - Can! Just like ur monitor =P

CWKen - U tired that? That's not the correct answer.

JC - Mum's always the best chef in our heart.

Sarah - Wrong!!!!

Kenwooi - The prawns got tat's big mou? =P

Amos - correct correct correct!

cmei said...

that char koay teow is a must NOT have... i'm a penangite.. n that stall is lame n very very rude.. not worth the $$ for such small plate of ckt,, neva go lorong selamat for ckt.. haha..., but nice pic of it.. u r deceiving every1