Jul 3, 2009

A Big Thank You

Posted by Joshua |

As you guys know, yesterday was my Birthday and I did received a lot calls, SMSes, Messages from my blog, MSN, Facebook and also Twitter to wish me "Happy Birthday" Super happy can? heheheh!

Here I would like you guys to have a BIG Thank You from me.

Click to see larger image and try to spot your name! XD
Thank You
Sorry if I have missed out your name.

Next gonna be some update bout my b'day celebration. Stay tune ya!


maRCus said...

waaa.. so nice post!!
NOW i feel bad; i THINK i forget to wish you..

so here it is.. HAPPY BELATED BEDAY!!! LOL

because they the best things come... last? hahah..

have a good one.. Mr. 24 OREDY. XD

kenwooi.com said...

Happy Birthday! =D

aaronng88 said...

ahahaha just dropping by, happy belated bday =p kekekeke~

Edwin T said...

happy belated birthday, joshua.

Stanley said...

You're welcome! Lol, spotted my name and feel damn bangga now.

Joshua said...

maRCus - heheh! Thanks man!

kenwooi - =)

aaronng88 - TQ wor!

Edwin T - Thanks man!

Stanley - Hahaha! So drama!

aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

Happy Belated one, Tallboyz ...
I sing you a birthday song as a present, ok??? ...

Happy birthday to you,
You were born in a zoo,
You look like a monkey,
You smell like one too!!!


Joshua said...

aaaahh CHEW - OMG! Wan meh? I'm not the monkey ler! Hahaha! THanks man!