Jul 7, 2009

Ice Age 3 - Dawn of The Dinosaurs

Posted by Joshua |

Watched Ice Age 3 at Mid Valley yesterday night with my gf, Rames, Jason and Wilson.

It was the free movie tickets that I won last week on 988.

Super funny movie, seem better than the previous 2. Had a great super crazy siao laugh in the cinema and also during dinner time. OMG! I can feel some muscle pain on my face.

Rate 9/10 Must watch!


maRCus said...

until face muscle pain?! so gua jeong?!! hahah

kenwooi.com said...

looking forward to watch it! =D

Joshua said...

maRCus - Serious one! Tat is including Rames & Jason siao performance during the dinner. lol

Kenwooi - Must watch! Heheheh!