Jul 22, 2009

My B'day at Sushi King

Posted by Joshua |

Ok! Continue back to my B'day. What with the a lot LOVE?

Actually it was a surprise cake cupcakes that sent by my gf. Really damn surprise lor, didn't expect to have cake and was sent over to my office. Thank you dear!

At night, we went for a simple dinner at Sushi King, Mid Valley.

We ordered alot though. I love sushi, how about u?

Tat's me and YY with my all time favorite Chuka Iidako

We have ate 18 plates of sushi, 80% was mine XD

What's my B'day present?

Do you still remember the 18" rim that I posted few months back ago? Hehehe

Beside that, I received a handmade card from YY. I requested for this last Christmas and finally she made one for me. Woots!

Seriously, I was super happy received this card becoz this card was made by YY for me and it's the one and only in the world. One word to describe the feeling, PRICELESS!

What's in the card? Dun wan to let you know XP

Ok! I'm done with my b'day post.

Coming next post;


vialentino said...

happy belated bday to u...ur gf very sweet to u...wat a suprise to u

Stanley said...

Sushi is nice. Its like the japanese version of dim sum.....but with more rice. lol

TZ said...

Dude, Happy belated birthday... May all your wishes come true eh! BTW, is your birthday gift in the Nokia paper bag... ?

EVo said...

Happy belated bday bro! when was it ah?

Awww u n ur gf are a great couple lah. happening.

Eripeng.net said...

selamat belated birthday.

'sai meng a?' gf so sweetttt

hahahahahahhhaha :P

Joshua said...

vialentino - Hehehe! Yalor!

Stanley - Hahaha! But then i love rich alot, i cannot live without rice XP

TZ - Thanks man! No lar! It's gonna be my next update!

Evo - Thanks man! It was on 2nd July.

Eri - Thank you Eri! Where got gut to sai meng, u more hang fook! lolz!