Jul 20, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

Posted by Joshua |

I was suppose to catch this movie with YY on Saturday. YY has 2 free Gold Class tickets to watch at Signature, The Garden. Was so nervous and kanjiong, 1st time watching in Gold Class ma....... here come the sad part. This movie was full house, even for the mid night session. This has proven that there's alot filthy rich peoples in Malaysia.

I didn't give up and I went to Mid Valley to get the tickets. Queued for 45 minutes but in the end...... empty handed and go home. Damn sad can?

The next day I went to MBO at Galaxy, Ampang. Some small and odd cinema, hahhaha sound desperate for this movie. There are no long queue, a lot seats can be choose and the air cond is freaking cold that almost turned me to ice cube. lol. Ok! Cut the crap and back to the movie.

This movie storyline is a bit boring lor, dumbledore died lor, snape is the half blood prince lor, the closet can transport one place to other place lor, the bad guys magic was so so only lor, I'm the super spoiler lor? Hahahahaha

Rate 6/10 dun really like this chapter, it like not complete. Totally dissappointed.


maRCus said...

OMG.. what a spoiler you are indeed!! Harry Potter aught to "avada kedavra" you! LOL

But more importantly, I oso went to MBO Ampang, on the FIRST NIGHT!! yay! Cinema, 50% filled oni. LOL

This chapter is more to character developement ma.. and when Dumbledore died, so sad, i sobbed kay.. LOL

wait la.. next show, the black magic SURE kau kau for you to see wan!! hahhaa..

ps. Snape is hou yan ah.. read Wikipedia if you malas read the book. Wakakakak XD

MichLeong said...

The actually missed lots of exciting and important parts that there are in the book. It might just appear out of no where in the 7th movie. lol. Not worth watching in Gold Class though >.<

The book's better XD

cHrIstInA_YY said...

I watched the movie just now, the cinema was full, and we were sitting at the most front row =x Luckily I didn't not read your post before I watch it :P

Hehe, not so interesting yet too bad the movie ^^

Joshua said...

maRCus - I know Snape is the good guy, buy me the book can? XD

MichLeong - Izit? Pray for better on next chapter.

Christina - Ur neck ok mou after the movie? 2 1/2 hours wor. XP