Jul 15, 2009

Pizza Hut

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About 2 weeks back, when the time 24 Already released, my colleagues treated me for lunch at Pizza Hut near Kota Damansara.

First, let me intro the makan gang.

from left; Bernard, Bee Kim, Chee Leong, Robert, Michael (hiding behind me) and me.

My all time favourite chicken deli wings and thai seafood pizza

You know wat? They like can sense today is my birthday, they gave us 1 medium and 1 big size of pizza for FREE!!!!. How?

Actually we ordered 1 medium size and 1 large size pizza. Then ler, I believe the staffs there have some communication error they accidently served our large pizza to other table and offer us a medium size pizza for free while waiting for them to make other large pizza.

Then we was damn happy lor, got free pizza ma. I tell to my colleague, "Wah, they like know today my b'day, they gave us a free pizza ler. lol"

The hawaiian crunchy pan pizza very nice oh.

I even pose with attacks the pizza Muakaka!

After that the 2nd pizza served and right before we leave a young lady staff there approached us with a large pizza on hand, she tell us "I'm so sorry, my supervisor wanted you to have this for the mistake just now" We was like..... OMG! we are damn full now, we can't have it anymore. Then she politely tell us "it's ok, you can take away" then ler.... what to do? we take lor

p/s to my colleagues who reading this, Thank you so much for the wonderful lunch!



when I reached to office, there's another surprise!

Alot of LOVEsssssssssss, will update next. Stay tune!


Stanley said...

Wah your birthday so happening wan!

Anonymous said...

Stanley - Normal only lar, just simple lunch. =)