Jul 10, 2009

RoadHouse Grill

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2 weeks ago, my fellow friends had an early Birthday celebration for me. Hehehe!

It was after the Transformers 2 movie tat we watched at Times Square.

We went to RoadHouse Grill nearby Jalan Ampang and this is the 1st time I dine in here.

Actually when I'm kid, my mum used to drive us (me&my sister) around and didn't passed by this restaurant. My mum told me before this restaurant was haunted and has been closed down. eating with ghosts??? scary can? lolz! It was just a rumour and I didn't see or snapped photos of ghosts.

Here's the makan gang.

clockwise; me, yoke yee, evelyn, winbely, aaron, sandy, ubi, munlay and andy.

the dude behind show the peace sign was not a ghost, he works there. XD

The foods served.....

andy's chicken fillet, taste so so only.

this is my ribeye, the portion damn big and I almost can't finish it.

They serve quite big portion of foods. The price is about the same with the femes "The Ships" but then taste better.

Thank you so much guys for having a birthday dinner for me.

Thank you so muchies!!!!!!

BTW I got a chocolate cheese cake that bought from Secret Receipe, not bad oh but look quite fat tho.


Xjion89 said...

haha, of coz, the sunburn was unavoidable. I applied sunblock also no use.

Anyway, ur post really makes my mouth water...haha, but used to be haunted...@.@haha

Stanley said...

I remember going there when I was really small. They served these huge cans of peanuts. Food looks good!

maRCus said...

haha.. always passed the place, never knew inside so nice wan.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Xjion89 - Haunted restaurant! Cool huh? XD

Stanley - Yeah! I heard the peanuts very nice but we didn't try =(

maRCus - Then find one day and dine in lor!