Jul 27, 2009

My Weekend Movies

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I have watched 2 movies over the weekend.

The Taking of Pelham 123

Starred by John Travolta and Denzel Washington. Before watching this movie, I've glanced the trailer. My early expectation was, this gonna be a low cost movie with just train, hostages, gun, train and train and train. But then the movie turned out great, the storyline is awesome, John Travolta played very well in this movie and seasoned with some jokes.

Rate 8/10 nothing much to agree with the Mayor, why they didn't even think to transport the money with helicopter?

Land of The Lost

The 2nd movies I watched. Yeah it's kinna lame movie, hey! who care? It's Sunday! I need some ecstacy injection on weekend.

This movie are hilarious and totally lame with some stupid and exaggarated CG but then it did made me laugh like hell.

Rate 7/10 Not bad lar, can watch one!

Just some random add-on.

Bought a new floating shoe for work, old one koyak already.


Stanley said...

Oooo....nice shoe....can float also wan.

maRCus said...

eh, im really liking your movie reviews la.. im SO gona watch the train 123 and the lost land. ahaha

ps. can teaching how to make ur shoe float? kekeke

Khai Ven said...

u watched it too? yeah it wasn't too bad..land of the lost 'watchable' ah? gary wants to watch it but i heard that it is just wasting money wor..diff ppl have diff opinion i guess =)

vialentino said...

yo bro...will comment here since not able to load ur shoutmix....

btw, will try and hunt for much tasty fish head noodle.

wah...u got time to watch weekend movies...so envy u

Anonymous said...

Stanley - Haha! Power of Photoshop

maRCus - Go and watch! Can can! Just cut and paste and add shadows.

Khai Ven - Different ppl would have different perspecticion. I'm siao ppl would watch siao movie. XD

Vialentino - Hahah! Y u can't meh? Let tag for movie hunt! XD

iCalvyn.com said...

land of lost really a good and funny movie