Jul 13, 2009

Don't You Love Kim Gary?

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Bosco Wong, TVB star from Hong Kong and also the ambassador of Kim Gary a Hong Kong concept restaurant in Malaysia.

I believe 8 out of 10 of you dined-in before and probably only 2 out of 10 of you have signed up for theirs' club membership. Do you know? the privileges you get as a member is way more than you pay.

Every month you will get free foods, example for the month of July I got Club Sandwiches and every months are different. Beside that there's 50% discount off before or after 7 days of your birthday.

You are just paying RM15 for the memberships and you will get all these.

I'm not doing any advertorial here, just some infos to share.

Last Saturday went to Kim Gary at Sungei Wang and redeemed Club Sandwiches of the month July.

YY ordered Shanghai Deep Fried Porks

and I had mushsroom shredded chicken.

I'm not so sure you guys notice or not, Kim Gary's staff do really work very fast and agile doesn't matter it at which branches in Mid Valley, Maluri, Sungei Wang and etc. I'm not being a racist ass but then most of them are chinese, if you comparing those Kopitiam like Old Town and Pappa Rich, you will vomit blood. XD exaggerated.

Just a simple update for today let you know guys I'm still alive and still kicking. lolz!

What news with DoYouNokia?


Nokia Rugged, survived the kick with rugby boot, hit with golf club, dropped from 2 stories height, dunked in beer, sunk in jelly, shot with paintball and even swam with it.

Tropical Towers, a brain-twisting action puzzle game that drive much of its fun from the superly animated monkeys who guide you through the game.


Stanley said...

Yes! I dine there every now and then, the hartamas branch. You get those stuff from the membership?? Cool! Lol I normally don't bother with memberships...

sarah said...

I m so hungry!!!

jdexign said...

Love the food and interior design.

clive said...

sometimes went for pavillion's branch near my office, some food is quite ok. but sometimes have to wait so long.....

Anonymous said...

Stanley - U should apply one! No harm.

sarah - Let's eat!

jdexign - Got HK cafe feel

clive - During peak hours damn pack one lor.

Seraph said...

haha nope i dont love it anymore =)
i got my dengue fever at kim gary hahahaaa

Anonymous said...

Seraph - Seriously? Got mosquitos in the restaurant? OMG!

` shirleen said...

the sandwich so attracting ><

Seraph said...

joshua: yeah...i went to the pyramid kim gary for dinner...half way in da restaurant felt a mosquito bite...and when i was driving back i was all woozy already..

hospitalized for 2 weeks lol =S

Anonymous said...

Shirleen - It taste good too!

Seraph - Thank god you r fine!