Aug 27, 2009

Expensive Lunch

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Attention! This post might offended some minority. Apologise if offended.

There was a time, when I was in primary school. A classmate's dad of mine brought us for lunch near Jalan Alor. We had chicken rice with char siew.

You know what? The char siew that I had was super nice that it hardly for me to forget the taste. It's melted straight away in my mouth with "Mak Nga Thong" covered over it. I dun know what to call in it in english. Enlighten me if you does.

That why some chinese parent would use the word char siew to scold at their's children. "I rather give birth to a Char Siew than you" I can feel the power of char siew. XD

Ok! Let's me carry on. Last Monday I took leave to renew my car insurance and wanted to have lunch with YY. So I decided to go to the restaurant that I had the unforgettable char siew at Jalan Tengkat near Jalan Tung Shin.

The restaurant's name is Meng Kee Char Siew. Even Ho Chiak, the famous local foods hunter segment on 8TV also features this restaurant.

I have ordered chicken rice with char siew for 2 person and added bean sprout.

The char siew.

Hmmm... there's no more taste like those time. It taste totally different, like normal chicken char siew rice that you can get it anywhere but then there's still alot ppl queued up to eat. I guess once a restaurant got some recognition everything changed, not to better but to average.

It's ain't cheap and quite disappointed.

The post didn't end here. I got a free gift after lunch.

Hahaha! Actually it was like this, I was looking for parking and then there was a slot for me to park in and it's very near to the restaurant. Yes! It's on the yellow line and I know it's illegal but then all the cars was parking like that. So I dun bother lor so I parked

Then ler there's an indian dude asked for money as he collecting the money from the so called parking, so I give him RM2 and I proceed to the restaurant. While I'm in the middle of eating, there are some peoples shouted summons oh! summons oh! so I quickly go out.

Then the Indian dude was there, here's the most regret part. He told me "is ok one, no need move the car, they only summons the opposite road one" I was tooooooooo dumb to trust him and I went in to continue my lunch.

There go, I got the ticket from the enforcement, thanks to the indian dude and he flew away when I got my car. Sigh!

It's a really expensive lunch.


.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...

lesson learned. so don't simply park your car.

F'Amos said...

Dont believe them!

FYI, u shld try another "Meng Kee Char Siew" at Glenmarrie. That one taste very nice also. When u put the Char Siew in ur mouth, it'll melt.

Give a try!

vialentino said...

darn....wat an expensive lunch...lesson learnt ... they are very efficient in giving saman one!

TZ said...

they only work hard for two months of the year ... during this period and before CNY. So don't simply park your car ... blek~

Edwin T said...

Got myself there once after watching the intro from a cari makan program on TV. love its char siew the most! :)

Anonymous said...

SaimatkonG - Yeah! Sad =(

F'Amos - Same branch one ler.

vialention - True true!

TZ - Absolutely correct, yesterday night I bumped to 3 road block. lol

Edwin T - Now the taste totally different liao, not nice anymore.

Xjion89 said...

y so bad luck 1?!

haha, don't simply park park loh~~~

Anonymous said...

Xjion89 - Lesson learnt.

maRCus said...

its free? no, i think it shud be RM30, although it says there, u CAN be compounded RM300. i kena saman-ed too. my heart sank when i thot it was RM300. the myeg made it a breeze. LOL