Aug 19, 2009

Orphan | Happy 1 Year Old

Posted by Joshua |

Just back from Nuffnang Movie Premiere Screening, Orphan.

FYI, Orphan is not a ghost movie alot ppl asked me izit a ghost movie? it's actually a horror movie filled with a lot surprises and kan jiong scenes.

The storyline is quite interesting and Esther, the 13 yo girl in the movie played very well in the movie.

Not going to be spoiler this time, check this movie for yourself. It's worthy every single penny you paid for the ticket.

Rate 8.5/10

To declare, I'm officially broke after I have renewed my car insurance. A big hole burnt in my wallet.

Today, my car celebrated it's 1 year old birthday, time do past really fast. Blacky 1 year old liao.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Blacky, Happy Birthday to you........ candle was blown and claps. lolz


KOKahKOK said...

insurance.... thousand over hor? haha .... blacky, happy birthday oo... so fast 1 year pass d :)

F'Amos said...

Happy birthday to Mr.Vois. Cheers :D

Actually this story line quite similar with Murderer starring by Aaron Kwok.

Joshua said...

KOKahKOK - Yeah! Have to ikat perut liao. lol

F'Amos - Thank you behalf of blacky. lol. U mean Orphan?

vialentino said...

wahsei year celebration for ur car....walao...anyway happy bday to ur car...kekeke

Joshua said...

Via - Thanks man!

said elmasry said...
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