Aug 7, 2009

G.I. Joe - The Rise of Cobra

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Yesterday night attended a special screening of G.I. Joe in GSC Signature, The Garden by Samsung Mobile. Thank you to Rames for tagged me along for the movie.

Actually this is my first time watching movie in GSC Signature, my first time watching in Premier Class. Hahahah! I do sound like a jakun. XD

I manage to cam-ho with them in the cinema. Rames look so not ready, Wilson look so shock, Jen look so happy and I look handsome. XP Kidding kidding.

BTW do you guys think I can submit this photo for the Got X, Got Friends photo wall contest to win myself a Xbox 360 or a Blackberry Storm or luckily enought to get myself travel with Pop Shuvit to Japan?

The movie was very nice, the explosions, the damages created, the technology weapons but then the CG seem abit too much and make it look abit fake. You can feel the green background is there. lol! Overall is nice!

Rate 8/10 BTW! I'm gonna watch again 2nite with my gf. My gf's company got the free tickets and it was confirmed few days back. G.I. Joe here I come again. lol!