Aug 2, 2009


Posted by Joshua |

Finally I have time to update my blog. I just came back from KLCC.

Any of you got went to PC Fair at KLCC?

On Sat and Sun I had myself working part time with Nikon as promoter for PC Fair. It was a great experince for me as this is the 1st time selling camera.

Met few bloggers and frens over there like smashpOp, Ewin, Munster and others.

Sorry for not taking photos during the PC Fair, I'm really selling the camera, not play play oh. lol

Ok! Back to the topic. Last Wednesday I went to Cineleisure/eCurve with YY, Andy and Sandy to watch the movie Coweb that I won from OneFM.

The movie is totally sux to the max. MAX I tell u! It's an extremely boring movie with lousy storyline. It's about a very well skilled martial art girl who got conned to fight with strangers and become as an online gambling. Siao! It's like this movie Death Race.

Rate 2/10 save the movie for lunch/dinner or maybe treat me. Hehehehe! Luckily It's a free tickets.