Aug 22, 2009

Klue Plus 5

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Just came back attending KLue Plus 5 event at True Brew.

It was a monthly social networking event by KLue that brings together peoples from different backgrounds and industries.

The theme of this event was Merdeka and in line with the theme, KLue Plus 5 has bring along a project sponsored by P1 Wimax; 15Malaysia.

Check out the 3 videos that just released;

Met few bloggers and took some photos there.

sorry for the low quality images, taken with 5800 XPM.

Comfy enviroment and warmth lighting.

The stage where the videos projected.

As usual we did........

Bokeh Rames.

Bokeh Jen wit her bling bling camera.

YY and ME!

a short interview also took place.

It was a cool event and a special thank you to FreeForm for the invite.


Edwin T said...

The "bling bling" camera is cool! haha~

Anonymous said...

Edwin - Yeah! Jen has the coolest camera.