Aug 24, 2009

Tenji | District 9

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I just back from Tenji Japanese Buffet at Solaris, Mont Kiara. Celebrating my dear dear, Yoke Yee's B'day (in advance 2 days) with our bunch of friends

More photos of Tenji on coming post.

Finally I had the chance to watch District 9.

Has been hearing some good and bad feedbacks from those who watched. So decided to head to cinema to know better by myself.

The story is about a normal human being Wilkus Van De Merwe who works for a government organization that is directed to evict the aliens to move them to a new location said to be better than District 9.

During the eviction process, Wilkus found a harmless-looking metal that he accidentally turned and sprayed a "fluid" into his face that causes him to go through a gradual transformation from human to become alien. That's the central of the movie.

Rate 8/10. I found that the shooting and elucidation of District 9 is quite special. Combination of documentary-like footages, news reels and action sequences. It created a very good impact and impression that it really happened. This probably the best sci-fi movie for 2009.

The gunning and explosion of the human and the alien doesn't puke me off, it's more like a watermelon got exploded. XD
Some fluid / spaceship petrol can turned a normal human to alien? lol.

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Mr.Ed said...

How's the food at Tenji...?
I went there during cny,
the food there just so so only leh..

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ed - Hmm, consider ok ok lar, the foods there normal only but got variety lar.