Aug 16, 2009

Revamp | Streamyx | Samsung

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Hi guys! Some random updates for today. BTW I just got back from a casual photo shooting at Malacca. Had a lot fun there and not to miss having the yummilicious Malacca's famous cuisine. More about it on my coming posts.

Firstly, I have revamped my other blog's layout DoYouNokia. Do feel free to dropby and leave your comments.

Finally I have subscribed Streamyx at home. All the while, my blog's posts was curi curi updates in the office. Yeah I'm one of the unproductive employees.

I have applied RM60 combo with free Wireless Modem. The speeds are acceptable lar.

Seriously, TM services has changed. The application, installation and application was executed efficiently. It only took me 1 day for phone line installation and about 3 days for the streamyx activation.

Damn happy now, can surf net every nights. Woots! Add me in MSN to chat k? lolz!

Samsung has held a contest Which Samsung Notebook Are You?

This contest is to design yourself an adverstisment brochures of Samsung notebook with yourself as an ambassador in the ad.

The interfaces to create the brochure is very user friendly.

I have signed up and below is my submission entry for the contest.

If you like the Samsung brochure I did, do Vote for me. Hehehe! Thank you in millions.


TZ said...

dude, wait till you have problem with your streamyx... hmmm, i'm not cursing you to get problem of your streamyx but whenever u have problem... u know what i meant... :p

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Voted for you~ ;p

Anonymous said...

TZ - crossing my finger

TianChad - Thanks man! =)

maRCus said...

whaoyoh.. with a Samsung entry like tht.. mati la harapan aku untuk menang.. SURE win for sure wan lah liddat!! XD