Aug 26, 2009

Do You Love White Cottons? | Know more about RON95

Posted by Joshua |

I do! I love to see them floating on the air moving gently.

Few weeks ago, our air was covered with haze like we are like in India. The past 2 days the sky was crying every hour, till yesterday the sky was clear and blue. The floating sheep was maneuvering smoothly around the sky. That was the time my hand got itchy.

I snapped picture whenever I got the chance while I’m driving. Yes! I listen that, it’s dangerous. What to do? I’m a member of Siao gang, can die for photos. lolz!

Actually I was quite disappointed with the camera on my phone. The images are totally sux to the max as it’s like a 2.0 mp camera with no intelligence in images processing.

I do miss my Nokia N95, it really served me well. Check out this “Morning till Dawn” post that taken with N95 on my previous post, it’s a superb quality.

I just pumped the new petrol that proposed by the government, RON95. Actually there is no more RON97 in the Petronas that I pumped, all changed to RON95 only. I guess they are accumulating all the RON97 petrol and release it when the price announced RM2.00 on the 1st of September.

What does RON mean? What is the number mean?

RON is stand for Research Octane Number, the octane rating of gasoline tells you how much the fuel can be compressed before spontaneously ignites

The higher octane rating are more resistant towards detonation or premature ignition that can lead to engine damages. If your engine is RON92, pumping RON95 or RON97 petrol doesn't make any different.

Conclusion is the higher RON doesn't make your car become a sport car or increased in horsepower. Higher RON is powerful only on certain performance engines.

So check for yourself in your car's booklet to see what's your car engine supported petrol.


F'Amos said...

U r right, no point to pump RON97 if ur car not needed. As i know the Japanese car only need RON91. So it fuel RON92 is good enough. Like Thai & Singapore also RON92.

Why M'sia is RON97 (instead RON95 now), its bcos of stupid "lcoal car" need min RON95 only can make the engine run smooth. So couple of yearss ago, GOV proposed to fuel RON97. In the end, those carzz forced to pay higher price for unnecessary fuel. Could u imaging how much u wasted on the unnecessary fuel?

` shirleen said...

the pics..
juz around my sch
near to Jaya One ~^^

Xjion89 said...

omg, skies are so nice^^~~~

Mr.Ed said...

I love white cottons too.. =)

KOKahKOK said...

change phone change phone!!!

Esther said...

wow... those clouds look like marshmellow!!! :D

ahlost said...

I've seen that but I've yet to pump it yet ;)

Joshua said...

F'Amos - Nothing much to agree with you.

Shirleen - Oh! Next time can yum char there.

Xjion - Yeah!

Mr. Ed - Cool!

KOKahKOK - How I wish! lol

Esther - You wan a bite of it? hahah

ahlost - The day will come!

Jeffro said...

LOL.. at least ur 2MP camera phones takes better picture than mine.. mine's like 2MP but also get 0.3MP VGA quality.. suckier...

btw... having RON95 around is really a waste of money... we're like buying old computers to use in new computer labs to save money.. =.="

Joshua said...

Jeffro - What phone you using oh? BTW I dun mind it works the same with better value. =)

F'Amos said...

Hi Joshua,

In Thai, available RON91 & RON95
In Sing, available RON95 & RON98