Aug 17, 2009

Murderer by OneFM

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You guys would not believe this, last Friday I have won movie tickets again from OneFM. The 12th times. XD

I guess I shall stop buying movie tickets anymore from now on, getting free movie tickets from Nuffnang, friends and also Radio Station.

This time I have won 4 movie tickets Murderer starred Hong Kong one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop, Aaron Kwok.

Eagerly to watch this movie few days back ago after watched the trailer from youtube.

Here's the full trailer of the movie;

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Tomorrow I will be attending Nuffnang Movie Screening, Orphan at Mid Valley.

Heard there will be 200 nuffies going for this movie. Anyone here going? See you guys there.


Anonymous said...

haha..I hope i can get the Murderer tics from Nuffnang too...

Mr.Ed said...

Wah you always call in 1 ah =__=|||
Btw, I also 1 2 watch murderer haha..
Long time din went into cinema ald.. Orz...

aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

Hallo??? ... stop calling!!! ... we want to win also laaaa!!! ... ahahaha ... :-)

Anonymous said...

cwee - I got one more pair from Nuffnang. Check ur mail.

Mr. Ed - Hahahah. It seem a nice movie.

aahhh-CHEW - I try! lol