Aug 18, 2009

The New KFC Shrimp Stix

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Just now me and my colleagues went for lunch at KFC.

Then we saw this new KFC Shrimp Stix Combo.

The poster of the meal showing the big and filling shrimp stix look promising and tasty. So both my colleague ordered a set each and I ordered the usual dinner plate as I eat big portion if u guys know me well XD

Here the serious "Illustration Purposes" come in

Try and spot the shrimp stix

Angle problem or it need a magnifier to get the size that shown on the poster?

Hahahah! Actually I already guessed the shrimp stix would look small but then really didn't expect it to be tat tiny. Got feel like naik kereta already. XD

Just a crappy post for 2day.


bearbear said...

wtf, smaller than my fingers

` shirleen said...

aikss kena tipu

TZ said...

What a big big big biggggggg difference... Got con! Don buy KFC.

Lee Chien said...

wt..... it's really super small!!!!

F'Amos said...

Not naik kereta, is naik kaparterbang....

This illustration that u always used to Photoshop hehe...XD

In the end, hows the taste?

Anonymous said...

bearbear - Hahah! Bear's hand very big one.

Shir - Yalor!

TZ - Hahah! But their's fried chicken is nice wor.

Lee Chien - Yeah!

F'Amos - A lot flours lor.

.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...

yeah man when order is like WTF. kena con kau kau...

Anonymous said...

Saimatkong - Damn kao lor! lol