Nov 18, 2009

Maxis or DiGi?

Posted by Joshua |

Now I'm frustrated with a decision with my phone telco service number.

Currently I'm having Maxis Postpaid line and others hand I recently got a DiGi 58 Smart Plan with unlimited data access when I bought the Nokia N97 mini not long ago.

- Has been using this number for like 3 years plus.
- The current number that I'm using now is a recycled number. I did received a lot anonymous calls from banks and also some strange guys looking for a Malay girl. Sometimes I did also receive SMS from guys asking for service -.-" I guess the previous owner is a prostitute or something.
- The rate and plan that given by Maxis is very bad as compare with it's competitors.
- The internet services is quite expensive.

- I was thought of getting my telco service changed to DiGi.
- The DiGi 58 Smart Plan has contract of 12 months and termination of the contract would damage RM500.
- The number that I got quite random.

Called DiGi Service Center whether I can retain my Maxis number and transfer the 58 Smart Plan but it can't. I only need 1 line.

Thus I only have one choice. MNP my Maxis's number and terminate my Maxis or just change to the new DiGi number.

What do you guys think? Can help me to decide with the poll below. Thank you very much!


jenjen said...

Hey Josh... Regarding ur post hor... is hard to decide lo.. im super digi loyal customer... haha.. good thing about digi is the service... for example the service that u having... but the signal is weak compare to maxis... especially indoor... anyway if u dun wan to lost ur nice maxis number then u can add another digi line lo... if not then u use the digi smart plan only lo... >.<

FirhanAbqari said...

why not try to have 2 numb at once.... using digi ok, maxis ok, celcm better to think twice wawawawa

h0cmun said...

why cannot switch service provider using the same number?
Anyway Digi is using GSM1800 platform so the signal cannot penetrate through buildings effectively like others do.
However, I always believe Digi has got a cheaper deal somehow.

Kenny Chun said...

GSM1800 platform doens't damage your brain and cause headache more often compare to maxis's signal. Digi usually have the cheaper rates but another thing that you'll notice is, prepaid user usually get the good stuff like SuperSMS & etc, Postpaid doesn't. Maxis is famous for their Postpaid but sometimes it might gone haywire as it usually over the limit you set.

foongpc said...

Go for DIGI! No reason. I'm just a loyal fan of DIGI! Haha!

sydney said...

DiGi, always the smarter choice =D
using digi is more worth, unless u wanna use 3G =)

tamz18 said...
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Joshua said...

Thank you to all! Finally I've decided, changed to Yellow Man army. Woots!

limhoryee6 said...

come on, nowdays everyone need 3g, so maxis,