Mar 2, 2010

SkyTrex at Taman Pertanian

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Last Sunday I've joined YY's colleagues for Skytrex at Taman Pertanian.

Skytrex is just like jungle trekking but this is a jungle trekking from a height via the canopy. It test our agility, height fear, walk, glide and swing through different challenges in the sky.

Before we actually can start the activities, we are required to have medical declaration and acceptance of terms and risk. Weak hearted, low blood pressure, back problem and breathing difficulties are not advisable to participate.

There are shuttle bus pick available from the entrance to the SkyTrex's camp

That's YY's sister and her younger brother.

Before the challenge actually started, we are briefed what to do and what not to do. A simple test executed before the real challenge start.

We are required to put on the safety equipment that will be using for us to move from one platform to another platform safely.

Cotton hand glove are not allowed, thus we have to buy the rubber glove there. RM3 per set.

We took the Big Thrill Challenge which are the medium level in SkyTrex which consist 23 thrilling challenges.

What are the Thrilling challenges?

1st we need to climb up high about 17 meters high.

It's about 3~4 storey height.

The thrilling challenge start here. A zig zag crossing from one platform to others. Imagine you slip and you fall......

you will be safe if you followed the safety instruction properly.

There are a few flying fox in the challenge. It reminded my 1st time had my flying fox at Menara KL during the Samsung Innov8 challenge, it's was so fun and exciting.

I've actually recorded a video of me doing the flying fox. It's was a bold & stupid idea as I just hold my phone bare handed with not lanyard or string attached to it, if it's fall it's mean bye bye to my phone.

next we have to swing and cross. This is challenging you need to have a good body balance so you can get across from one tube to the others.

we also have to do the Tarzan swing to get across. It's involved a good back and strong arm and long leg lol!

Felt relief when we saw the crossing line. It's tiring and exhausted but it's super fun. It took about 1 hour to wait and queue complete all the challenge.

After I reached home, I felt my arm muscle has become bigger. I'm ain't kidding

See this;

lol! BTW I've just cut my hair to super short!

For more info about SkyTrex, visit them at


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

It is fun to be on Skytrex and I am gonna say Tallboyz is very dare to record video at that height~! Salute~!

Hakzai said...

i like de last pic!
juz like 'wtf'
muhahahah :P

Justin Hee said...

Skytrex! I also wanna go!

stephy-nie said...

Fuiyo! crazy lah you hold your hp without any string! scary! XD and waaa so big muscle! XD

Anonymous said...

TianChad - For sake of my reader. lol! Joking joking

Hakzai - Yeah WTF! =P

Justin Hee - When? U organise can?

stephy-nie - Hahaha! Photoshop ma! You wan how big also can =P

Anonymous said...